Building & Construction

Our goal with our team members, customers, and suppliers is to design, build, and deliver turnkey, high-quality, and cost-effective construction projects on schedule for our clients.

Building and Construction works are the core of any project and executing this correctly and to the high standards of the Magan team is what we pride ourselves on. Commercial construction is a fast-paced business that we have developed to be ideally in-step with our customer’s timelines and project expectations.

At Magan Construction, we believe that all construction begins with people. We believe that planning, communication, safety, and collaboration are our essential building tools. We have delivered a range of large construction projects for some of Ireland’s leading clients across a variety of sectors including industrial projects, commercial projects, hospitality projects, retail providers and medical and cleanroom providers, and many more.

Our team is experts in ensuring your brand is recognised throughout your construction project and your ideas come to life through your unique project design.